DORON MAX HAGAY   WRITER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR       Doron has made several short films - his first, Erica Wexler Is Online was featured on Short of the Week, chosen as a Vimeo Staff pick in 2013 and screened at the Brooklyn Arts Council and Rooftop Films. His medium-length film Perfect Thoughts was released on 50 VHS tapes, and selected as indie website NoBudge's 2013 film of the year.

LILY MAROTTA                                     WRITER/"MONICA"                        Lily has created several comedic shorts including Monica's Day Out, a short video about Monica shopping for an outfit for her first day on Capital Hill, and Morning Ladies, about four women riding the Staten Island Ferry on their morning commute.   

DANIEL RAMPULLA                            DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY   Daniel has been working with cameras as a cinematographer and photographer for many years. He frequently collaborates with John Early, Cole Escola, Erin Markey and many others on their various projects and series. "Production" cannot overstate what a gift working with Daniel is. 

ALEX MINTON                                      CO-EDITOR                                         Alex is a graduate of USC and The New School's film program. Besides co-editing the show, Alex helped create the show's spot-on poster. His contribution to Monica cannot be quantified. This is his website

GABE QUIROGA                      SOUND RECORDING/MIXING           Gabe does it all, and promptly. He also doesn't have much of an internet presence, which is refreshing. 

BARB MAKA & JUSTYNA GLUCH        HAIR & MAKE-UP                                 Barb is a beauty and meat queen whose specialties include eyebrows and sausage. Follow her @barbmaka666 for tips and tricks. Justyna assisted Barb and appears in part six. 



ERIN MARKEY - "MANDY"   APPEARS IN PART ONE                       Erin was there for our first shoot. Her episode had to be aggressively sound edited because we couldn't help but crack up during her takes. Just about every respectable media outlet has written about her.


KATE BERLANT - "DENISE"   APPEARS IN PART TWO                     Kate is as good as it gets and deserves every sitcom. She's in this movie, and this video, and this, and many others that you should watch and RT. 

JACQUELINE NOVAK -  "JILL"    APPEARS IN PARTS TWO, THREE, AND SIX                                         Jacqueline is a straight-up genius. Her brilliant comedy album "Quality Notions" is out now, and her book about depression will be published by Crown Books later this year. Watch her on The Late Late Show with James Corden and then visit her website because you want more. 

PAT DIXON - "STEPHEN"     APPEARS IN PART THREE                   Pat is a comedian, journalist, podcaster, and all around fantastic man. Check out his podcast called NYC Crime Report.   


COLE ESCOLA - "CHARLES"  APPEARS IN PARTS THREE AND SIX Cole co-created, wrote, and starred in lo-fi gem "Jeffrey and Cole Casserole" which aired for two seasons on Logo. He's done a million amazing things since then but definitely go explore that show because it's wonderful, and then dive into the rest

CASEY JANE ELLISON - "COMEDIAN CIRCA 2001"                          APPEARS IN PART FOUR               Casey happened to be in New York while we were filming, so naturally we had to have her.  She made this web series for Vfiles, and this one for OvationTV, and this one for BBDakota.  Watch those and then pray at her altar.  


STEVEN PHILLIPS-HORST - "DEREK" APPEARS IN PART FOUR     Steven is an entrepreneur, media coach, brand enthusiast, stylist and political correspondent among many other roles. He has a hilarious web-series you can watch immediately called Trailing.  


CHRIS LAKER - "BENNY"        APPEARS IN PART FOUR                     Chris is a brilliant stand-up comedian who co-runs a podcast called This Week in Jackin'.  He also hosts a panel talk show called The Show at the Creek & The Cave in Long Island City. His delicious comedy album is available now!                

MICHAEL CAVADIAS                           APPEARS IN PART FOUR                 Michael did this video and we had to have more of him. He is an actor/ writer/friend/DJ/ Claywoman and so much more. 

MARCUS LORENZO - "SKYE" APPEARS IN PART FIVE                       Marcus has appeared on several television programs including Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, and Law & Order. He came on board last minute and saved the day. 

JOHN EARLY - "RYAN"                        APPEARS IN PART SIX                   John is an alarmingly gifted       comedian/actor/director. He's also a producer, casting director, and location scout as far as we're concerned. Our show wouldn't exist without him. Watch.

STEVE GIRARD - "B. CAM OPERATOR"                          APPEARS IN PART SIX                 Steve is a filmmaker and artist. He's also a great friend and helped with the titles of our show.  Start here